Help for Eczema

A friend’s Mom is battling some skin issues (Eczema like issues) and has tried many things (including doctor recommendations). I suggested she give DNA Miracles Natural Soothing Ointment a try.

“Couldn’t hurt, might help, and it’s super affordable.”

As some of you may know,  I use this ointment in my custom blend beauty kit to create custom blend lip creams or simply as a lip moisturizer (it’s a product of many uses!).

Custom Blend Lip

So I gave her a sample to give to her Mom.  (It doesn’t come in sample sizes, but since she’s a friend, I gave her some of mine.)

I love hearing responses like this when I ask has it helped?.   “The stuff you gave her works!  She forgot to put it on one day last week and she had a flare up.  She put it on the next day and it took care of the flare up.  She will be ordering it.  Thanks”  

DNA This stuff works

Do you know anyone that might want to try this?

Click here to order DNA MIRACLES NATURAL SOOTHING OINTMENT (Note: I will make a small commission on it if you purchase using my link, but if it helps you…that’s ok, right?)

As for the pH Normalizer, a friend knows someone with similar issues and suggested I recommend she spritz on some Skintelligence pH Normalizer too.  She said “the Horsetail Extract in that product may help to kill any yeast infection she might have going on while the ointment may help heal and sooth”.

I personally love that pH Normalizer spray, so I recommended she order that too.  (I keep a bottle in the fridge on these hot days in Las Vegas, and another in my makeup kit).  It’s a nice cool refresher in the afternoon, in addition to using it as part of a daily skincare routine.  Cleanse/Tone/Moisturize

What beauty tips do you have for help with Eczema issues?  Please share them in the comments below.  So many people are looking for natural ways to help.  Although the DNA Miracles line was designed with babies in mind, it’s not just for the little ones!





A special “Call Time” for Makeup Artists!

If you’re a Professional Makeup Artist, (or aspiring to be one) this “Call Time” is for you!

Monday night, we will have Pro MUA Ash Mac on the line for an “Inside Look” as she shares her reasons “Why Motives Cosmetics” and WHY it was a great fit for her Kit & Business as a Professional Makeup Artist.



Curious about Motives?  Message me so I can provide you the access info you need to listen in this Monday night.

It’s a LIVE conference call…and you are invited!

Kathy Sue Boyd




Free webinar on skin health!

Sending out a quick reminder that Dr Terry White, ND, MH, CPT will be doing a free worldwide webinar broadcast Monday night (June 11th) at 6pm PST (9pm EST).  She will be talking about gut health and how it affects your overall health, including your skin!

She is SO knowledgeable about this subject and I’m personally thrilled to learn from her (and to be able to share her wealth of knowledge with others – for free ❤️!)

If you would like to listen in, please message me and I’ll send you details. The beauty of listening to her webinar LIVE is you can ask questions!

This might be recorded, so if this time doesn’t work for you (or if you read this post too late) I can still get the info to you in it’s recorded version…as long as technology is on our side.

Did you know gut health can effect your skin health in a big way?  Let’s learn her tips together!


An “inside secret” to extending the life of your liquid eyeliner.

When it comes to liquid eyeliner, I love the nicely pointed, felt-tip kind.  You know…the ones that are sort of like a fine tip Sharpie.  And I just learned a little secret to extending the life of mine.


MOTIVES Luxe Precision Eyeliner ( is my go-to when I reach for a liquid liner like this.  They offer one in black and brown, and this brand is both moisturizing and smudge proof.  (I personally prefer the brown one, which is probably an “age thing”.  Brown liner has a softer look and it’s often a better choice for “over 50” ladies.  Do you agree?)

But it’s a bummer when that felt tip starts to run low, right?  Did you know there’s a secret to reviving it? #IDidNotKnow

Here’s how:  Just take a clean tweezers, grab the tip and pull it out…


flip it around and re-insert it…


and it’s like new again!   That’s right…there are TWO tips and only one gets used in the beginning.  I had no clue another tip was hiding inside…did you?

Want to watch me change mine and see how easy it is?  I posted a video of me changing one on my Instagram page.  Click here to watch it if you’d like.


I love saving money, don’t you? #ShoppingAnnuity  This one was a hidden gem for me so I just had to share.  I’m also curious, does the brand you use have another tip hiding inside?  Many cosmetics companies use similar packaging.  Let me know in the comments if your brand does this too and let’s share with others.  Not everyone uses the MOTIVES brand of cosmetics, but everyone likes saving money, right?

Kathy Sue Boyd – Beauty Advisor & SHOP Consultant





FREE Online Health & Wellness Party!

Are you concerned about your health, and/or the health of your loved ones?

A Healthier You

Last year we had 17,000 attendees nationwide that tuned in for a free ONLINE Health and Wellness Summit on Facebook.  Let’s make it at least 25,000 this year!  It’s a party and YOU ARE INVITED!

Everyday men/women, industry professionals and more watched, learned and asked great questions!  (I loved the fact that you could ask the experts your questions!)  If you would like to join us this year, comment below or message me, and I’ll make sure you get all the info to be added to this private group!

Once I add you to the Private Facebook Group, you can even go back in and watch all the great content from last year and get caught up. It’s SO organized.  I plan to rewatch several myself – they were THAT good!

Here are the details for this year:


May 22nd to May 24th, 2018.
We will post throughout the three days, but will have daily live interviews with experts from 8:30pm – 9:30pm EST.

You can interact LIVE with the speakers during the scheduled time, but if you can’t make it live, everything will be saved so you can come back and ask your questions in the comments and they will answer your questions later.  However, don’t wait too long to be added to the group.  At some point, everything will be archived (like last year) and only those already approved for the group can watch/listen to the replays.

Topics Include:
Tuesday, May 22:  From Babies to Balding: the Essential Nutrients
Wednesday, May 23: Gut check: How to Support This Important System
Thursday, May 24: Supplement Controversies – Fact and Fiction

I was SO impressed by last year’s summit and I’m certain this year will be even more amazing.  Please comment below if you’d like me to add you to this private group.

Wouldn’t you agree that beauty starts from within?

Kathy Sue Boyd

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A Beauty Professional’s opinion on MOTIVES COSMETICS

It’s all about the base!

Hey Beauty Enthusiasts! If we could teach you how to mix up custom blended foundations for clients, that will not only match their skin tone perfectly, but will also allow you to include skincare additives unique to each individual’s needs, would that interest you?

Ok maybe you’re not looking to create & sell this amazing line of makeup, but want to find someone to mix up a custom foundation that’s perfect for you.  Either way, let’s chat!


Or maybe you’d prefer to buy a pre-packaged foundation, but just need a little help figuring out which shade or type of foundation is your ideal match?  Motives offers many choices, such as ILLUMINATING LIQUID FOUNDATION, LIQUID POWDER MINERAL FOUNDATION, MOTIVES FOR LA LA LIQUID FOUNDATION and their SUPREME CREME options.


When I’m not wearing my custom blend foundation, by FAVORITE pre-packaged one is their new ILLUMINATING LIQUID FOUNDATION.  It’s my go-to whenever I travel and my selfie-photographs look amazing with it.   No matter which foundation I wear, I always finish it with their HD Powder.


Even if you’ve narrowed it down to which product you want, it’s not always easy to choose the right shade online, right.?  Well, let me help you make choosing much easier.  Check out the “MEET YOUR MATCH” charts on my website.   These charts will even help you make the switch from MAC, Bobbi Brown or Estee Lauder to MOTIVES!

Meet Your Match

And if you don’t currently have a Beauty Advisor you are working with, I’d love to help you.  Just reach out to me and I’ll set you up with a free Preferred Customer Account with access to many coupon codes and specials.

When it comes to makeup, it all starts with a fabulous base.  Whether it’s a BB Cream, a CC Cream, a Full Coverage Foundation or something very light and dewy for summer.  I’d love to help you figure out which one is right for you.

Disclaimer:  Affiliate links are included in this blog, which means I’ll make some money if you decide to order using my links.  However, YOU will earn Cash Back when you order from my website.   #HowCoolIsThat? And that cash back can be applied towards your next MOTIVES order (or you can request a CASH payout if it’s at least $10).

As always, let me know if you have any questions.




CUSTOM COSMETICS – It’s such a personalized service!

Did you know MOTIVES offers CUSTOM BLEND foundation, in addition to the variety of pre-packaged foundations they offer?  

Custom Blend ProductsAs a trained Motives Custom Color Consultant, I love being able to personally mix up a Custom Blend mineral based foundation, in either liquid or powder, to perfectly match my client’s skin tone while creating a blend with the coverage they desire.

Cusom Blend LIQUID in jar
Mixing up a custom blend formula

As a client, it’s a really fun process to experience – especially when it’s customized for YOU!!!

Trained Color Consultants simply choose a base shade (or combination of base colors), adjust that shade with toners, then add personal touches to the blend such as modifiers and enhancers to customize the foundation’s texture, coverage and finish to meet ANY need or personal preference.  CUSTOM – giving the customer exactly what they want or need.

Motives Ultra Firming Botanical Complex is one of my favorite optional additives for the liquid foundation.  Women over 40 love it!   It uses soy protein to create an instant tightening “flash” effect that lasts throughout the day. Those are just two of the “options” the Trained Motives Color Consultant can include in your liquid blend.

Custom Blend Mineral Powder Bronzer

Prefer Powder?  Motives Custom Blend Mineral Powders are made exclusively from micronized minerals.  They give long lasting coverage with a light weight, natural feel. Active Powder “optional additives” include Balancing Complex (for oil control), Lightening Complex (to reduce the appearance of dark spots), Firming Complex (to support healthy skin firmness) and more are available too.

Where can you get this personalized service?  More and more salons, spas  and beauty professionals all over the USA are starting to offer Motives Cosmetics, – especially the custom-blend services.   Let me know if you need help finding one!

We are also looking to train more Custom Color Consultants.  In fact, tonight (April 30th) there is an online webinar for anyone who wants to learn more about this service.  Let me know if you would like to listen in and I can send you the link.

Motivated Kathy Sue – Las Vegas


(414) 322-2667

Motives BLOOM Palette

Are you following Makeup By Song, Las Vegas Pro Makeup Artist, on Facebook?  You should be!  I love her short and sweet makeup videos.  Here’s today’s look from her video:


🌸 SASS Short And Sweet w/Song. 🌸

“Spring is in the air and I wanted to share about how important tools are & the multi uses, Bloom palette for a soft glow and few additional of my favorites I’ll share for this look from my line Motives Cosmetics.”

✨ 8 piece brush set tools are essential
✨ Bloom palette for a soft glow
✨ Metallic paints used for lips & eyes
✨ Quad cream foundation for conceal
✨ Fiber Lush Mascara
✨ Contour Palette
✨ Eyebrow Palette
✨ My own Custom Blend Foundation

(Click here Today’s Facebook SASS Video to watch her video)


I have to agree with Song.  The colors in MOTIVES new BLOOM Palette are so versatile.   SHOP MOTIVES HERE. The palette even has some tips on applying different looks.

Song is also wearing one of MOTIVES new METALIC PAINT colors on her lips.  She used it as a pop of color on her eyes, too! Song loves multi-use products, and shares her secrets often .  Today’s video doesn’t disappoint.

I highly recommend you watch her video to learn how important brushes are as well.  Be sure to comment that “Motivated Kathy Sue says HI” when you tell her how much you like her videos!

Love your SASS videos, Song Julieann Lopez ! ❤👄💄

#MakeupBySong #MakeupMaven #MotivesCosmetics #SASS

“Why Motives” for Beauty Industry Professionals?

This is exciting!! I love custom blending makeup for clients that can’t find their shade, texture, or want a product unique to their skin concerns.

FB_IMG_1524667489563April 30th, Jacqueline Menconi will be talking about Motives Custom Blend on a webinar for anyone who wants to listen in!

This is the perfect opportunity for makeup artists, salons, spas and beauty professionals to learn from Professional Makeup Artist Jacqueline Menconi, as she shares the reasons WHY you might consider incorporating Motives Custom Blend into your business.

It’s free and online, so no pressure, just something to think about for how this could impact your own business.



Interested?  Please comment below with the best way to contact you, and I will send you the webinar link!

Kathy Sue Boyd